GSMA VoLTE project sees first roll-out in China

In a recent blog, we discussed how the GSMA’s Network 2020 programme was working with China’s mobile network operators, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, to negotiate the technological barriers preventing the deployment of advanced all-IP communications including voice over LTE (VoLTE) across the country.

We are very pleased to report that, as the result of this ongoing work, the country’s largest operator, China Mobile, recently announced the completion of its VoLTE network roll-out, which will cover almost 300 cities and approximately five million subscribers across the country. This is a great result for the programme, which is focused on helping operators from around the world to deliver the all-IP networks that will give consumers access to advanced communications services. This includes instant messaging, live video and real-time photo or file sharing which work natively on any device and network without the need to download an app.

China is the world’s largest mobile market, with 1.3 billion mobile connections, as well as the largest smartphone market, with 629 million connections, according to GSMA Intelligence. China Mobile is making 4G a key strategic priority and is keen to accelerate the full commercial use of VoLTE to provide a higher-quality voice service to its users. They are also committed to working closely with OEMs and other industry partners to ensure that all future devices can support VoLTE. China Mobile currently has 400 million 4G subscribers with China Telecom on 80 million and China Unicom on 63 million respectively.

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