GSMA comments on AI guidelines for Europe

The GSMA welcomes the AI Ethics Guidelines published today by the European Commission. Commenting on behalf of the European mobile industry Afke Schaart, VP and Head of Europe, GSMA said:

“The powerful combination of AI with 5G and The Internet of Things will transform entire industries and enable new disruptive services. Only with the right conditions will European companies be able to capture the full potential of AI and develop consumer trust in a new era of Intelligent Connectivity. These guidelines are an important first step towards achieving the objective of unlocking innovation in AI while ensuring that acting ethically does not undermine Europe’s future competitiveness.

Telcos will play the lead role in developing AI solutions, and these will be fundamental to powering Europe’s 5G future and economic progress. In the next phase, it is critical for us that Europe develops a policy environment fit to support a sustainable ecosystem for AI to flourish. We look forward to working with the European Commission to ensure this happens.”

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