5G New Calling Promises to Bring Banks Closer to Customers

Mobile apps and other digital tools have made it easier to interact with banks, insurers and other financial service providers. But when it comes to managing their financial affairs, many people want to talk to a human being. That isn’t always straightforward – a recent survey by Accenture found that 44% of consumers aged 18-44 had difficulty getting human support when they needed it from their bank.

But, a new mobile technology, known as 5G New Calling, promises to make it easier for financial services staff to hold secure and productive conversations with customers, writes the GSMA’s Head of Networks, Henry Calvert, in a new article in Finextra. That’s important because most consumers only use their bank’s existing digital channels for quick functional tasks.

To find out more about 5G New Calling, and the GSMA Foundry’s recently published whitepaper on the topic, read the Finextra article: here.