How 5GNC will pave the way for a revamp of communications services

The rollout of 5G and a related set of communication capabilities, known as 5G New Calling (5GNC), could create new revenue streams for mobile operators, writes the GSMA’s Head of Networks, Henry Calvert, in a new article in Mobile News.

With 5GNC now being deployed by operators in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, the technology could help mobile operators address the decline in revenue from voice and messaging services, which has fallen by 60 per cent worldwide since 2008, according to GSMA Intelligence. These capabilities also promise to make operators’ communications services fun, feature-rich, reliable, secure and easy to use.

To find out more about 5G New Calling, and the GSMA Foundry’s new soon to be published whitepaper on the topic, read the Mobile News article: here.