Transport networks are the next stop on the 5G journey

Telefonica Deutschland, Ericsson and Vantage Towers have joined forces on a project to devise ways to provide high-quality 5G connectivity across Germany’s rail network. The trio will work with rail operator Deutsche Bahn on the initiative, which carries €6.4 million of government funding and runs to the end of 2024. Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMDV) intends for participants to jointly examine “technical solution concepts” along with proposing “legal and regulatory framework and business models”.

This initiative underscores the importance of 5G service on transport networks to connect users as they go about their daily lives. The telecoms industry has launched a number of initiatives to this end. This latest announcement comes on the heels of Deutsche Telekom unveiling a plan to improve 5G coverage on key routes on Germany’s Autobahn road network, while Virgin Media O2 in the UK has launched 5G service on the London Underground transit system. Expanding 5G coverage is also key to helping the industry monetise its 5G investments, with improved service on rail networks supporting enterprise and consumer use cases such as advanced positioning systems and entertainment.

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