Next generation IoT at the Innovation City

January 31, 2017

See below for a list of Internet of Things demonstrations in the GSMA Innovation City

The Internet of Things is entering a new stage. As of this year, a family of new low power wide area technologies in licensed spectrum will be commercially available, enabling connectivity for a raft of next generation everyday devices. The effect of this will be a fundamental transformation of the way businesses run their operations and provide services.

Mobile World Congress’ Innovation City provides a unique opportunity to discover more about the technologies’ capabilities and applications just as they hit the market. Attendees will be able to interact with a series of live demonstrations from multiple vertical markets including marine-life trackers, smart parking, smart waste management, environmental monitoring and several developer kits designed to accelerate the development of new Mobile IoT solutions.

Innovation City will also be showcasing the progress the mobile industry has made in Smart Cities, an area of the IoT which network operators are increasingly relied on for the connection of multiple elements in the smart urban environment. Here, operators and related technology partners will demonstrate a variety of new solutions that can be easily integrated into existing cities, such as smart traffic management and water disaster management.

Complementing these exhibitions will be new advances operators have made in Mobile IoT (licensed spectrum low power wide area), Smart Cities, and IoT Big Data. Of particular interest will be agricultural and environmental monitoring demonstrations, and a harmonised data marketplace which will allows for Big Data to be more accessible to customer and consumers.

Join the GSMA and partners that are at the very forefront of mobile innovation, including: Nokia, Orange, Telefonica, Sierra Wireless and Vodafone, showcasing products and solutions that are changing the way the world communicates.

Please note the GSMA Innovation City is now located in Hall 4, and is open to all attendees with all pass types.


See below for a list of Internet of Things demonstrations in the GSMA Innovation City:

Partners Demonstration Description
GSMA Mobile IoT Mobile IoT Innovators Showcase Winners
The GSMA will be welcoming the winners and runners up of the Mobile IoT Innovators Showcase to display their solutions.
AT&T, Huawei, Intel, Quectel, Sierra Wireless, u-blox Mobile IoT Mobile IoT Development Kits
On display are a selection of the developer kits which are available for use in the development of LTE-M and NB-IoT devices.
CMCC, Ericsson, Intel Mobile IoT NB-IoT Enabled Connected Factory
This connected screwdriver from China Mobile, Ericsson and Intel has a built-in sensor that detects turning and using an algorithm calculates the number of usages as well as number of turns per usage, transferring this information using NB-IoT networks.
Orange, Idea Cellular, GroundTruth, Nokia, Sierra Wireless Mobile IoT Environmental measurements for Agriculture & Insurance – EC-GSM-IoT
Groundtruth is using EC-GSM-IoT to collect localised data from ground sensors in combination with datastreams from satellites and communities to provide more granular weather and environmental estimates. These data support the improved delivery of weather insurance, disaster response, and long-term management of key resources such as water.
Telefonica, Itron Mobile IoT Industrial Sensors and Safety Monitoring – LTE-M
Itron and Telefonica will demonstrate how LTE-M enabled pressure and temperature sensors can ensure integrity for utility infrastructure and provide real-time monitoring for the safety of consumers, utility employees and their communities.  Technologies to detect natural gas leaks and provide edge intelligence for remote shut-off, relying on the Telefonica LTE-M network to manage alerts and alarms with the utility’s Operations Centre, will be featured and discussed.
Telefonica, Wellness Telecom Mobile IoT Connected Waste Management – LTE-M
This LTE-M based connected waste bin enables cities to monitor waste levels in real time and optimise collection schedules, resulting in cleaner cities and cost savings through improved efficiency. The sensors in the containers also send alerts for temperature variation (fires) enabling a reduction in damage liability and response time.
Telefonica, Worldsensing Mobile IoT Smart Parking – NB-IoT
This smart parking system, connected using NB-IoT, allows drivers to find parking quickly and efficiently while providing companies with the means to optimally manage their parking spaces.
Based on small parking sensors installed in each parking spot, it guides drivers via electronic panels
Vodafone, University of St. Andrews, Huawei Mobile IoT Connected Seal Tracking – NB-IoT
These innovative NB-IoT Low Power Wide Area tags created by St Andrews University, supported by Vodafone and Huawei, will help to track endangered seals in the wild and monitor their well-being to ensure their numbers remain stable.
HappyOrNot, Vodafone Mobile IoT HappyOrNot – NB-IoT
HappyOrNot® is the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting with its feedback collecting Smiley Terminals™ and intelligent data analytics reporting service. NB-IoT technology will enable HappyOrNot to produce more sleek, small, and efficient terminals, providing even greater usability, reliability, and flexibility to our clients.
KT IoT Big Data Smart Agriculture and Agri-Food Information Service
Korea Telecom shows how big data can be used to improve our environment, using information around cultivation history and genuine certification of farm products to change the way food gets from the farm to the plate.
Orange IoT Big Data Harmonised Data Marketplace
Telefonica, Ayuntamiento de Málaga, EDP Ingeniería, Fiware, Universidad de Cantabria, Urban Cloud IoT Big Data EverImpact – Environmental Monitoring
This demonstration from Telefonica, EverImpact and associated data providers highlights how data collected from satellites and ground sensors can be used to monitor cities CO2 emissions together with air quality, producing real-time maps with highly accurate data to help cities to deal with their greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.
Far EasTone Smart Cities Smart City Tainan and Water Disaster Management
Far EasTone, through an augmented reality, will demonstrate how it developed smart city solutions in Tainan. To improve flood control and disaster recovery in Tainan, Far EasTone uses high availability LTE mobile communication services, coupled with advanced IoT monitoring devices and surveillance technologies to deliver water disaster management.
Orange, Mobile World Capital, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Eurecat – Big Data COE Smart Cities IoT & Big Data in Action
This demo will showcase how multiple data sources from local information combined with data from a Mobile Network Operator in an IoT Big Data framework were used to understand visitor’s mobility patterns around Barcelona. The information is used to improve all activities of management and decision making by the Tourism Area of Barcelona’s City Council.
Tele2 Smart Cities Traffic Flow – Movement towards Insights
Tele2 will demonstrate how they can analyse movements and identify patterns by using their mobile network.
Orange, Clinical Document Enigneering, Mobile World Capital, Telefonica, Vodafone Health Easy, Secure Access to Standardised Health Records
CDE is currently offering OpenCDE, a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) solution providing services to private health organizations for digital archive, custody, access, and structuring of clinical documents in a safe and confidential way.
In order to avoid any Identity fraud, the integration of Mobile Connect into OpenCDE offer a new, simple and safe way to log-in. Now patients can manage their clinical information and share it with doctors from anywhere of the world.


City Opening times

Mon: 08:00 – 19:00

Tue: 08:00 – 16:30, closed for a private event 16:30 – 19:00

Wed: 08:00 – 19:00

Thu: 08:00 – 16:00


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