GSMA Device Map: The Authoritative Source of TAC and Device Data


GSMA Device Map is a high-quality, high-accuracy device intelligence product from the GSMA that combines rich device intelligence with TAC (Type Allocation Code).

With over 100 meaningful and actionable device data points for every TAC, GSMA Device Map brings a new level of device intelligence to the carrier environment, where TAC is the standard way to identify devices. The data covers hardware information, OS, browser, radio capabilities, multimedia capabilities and much more.

As the industry’s official source of TAC and device intelligence, GSMA Device Map brings intelligence from the web and the carrier environments together for the first time.

Learn more about GSMA Device Map and some of the use cases for GSMA Device Map now.

Detailed and Accurate Device Data

GSMA have partnered with DotMobi to Afilias a very detailed data set indexed by TAC available in CSV format for easy ingestion by existing data tools. Afilias device data has been mapped for each TAC issued by GSMA and the data is updated daily.

Data Category

Sample Properties

Device identification

Manufacturer, model name, marketing name, brand name

Hardware information

Device type (M2M device, Tablet, Phone, Games Console, Camera, Watch etc), screen size, chipset, CPU, SIM, memory, storage, VoLTE enabled or carrier aggregation enabled.

Operating System

OS name and minimum OS version (Android 5.1, iOS 9, Windows Phone, etc)


Name, version, rendering engine, markup, image types


CSS, HTML5 properties


Streaming, Audio, Video codecs

Network protocols

LTE, LTE Advanced, LTE category, VoLTE, CA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS

Under GSMA regulations, device manufacturers must apply for a TAC for every device built on the GSM standard.  Device Manufacturers provide basic information about each device which GSMA make available as the GSMA Device Database product. GSMA Device Map is an enhanced version of this basic TAC listing containing normalized and highly accurate data for every TAC issued by the GSMA.

Licensing Options

There are several licensing options available for GSMA Device Map:

  • GSMA Device Map – a comprehensive, highly accurate device data set indexed by TAC
  • GSMA Device Map Lite – a limited subset of device information (Full Device Name, Device Vendor, Device Model, Marketing Name) indexed by TAC.

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