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IR.88 LTE and EPC Roaming Guidelines v13.0

May 20, 2015

All Documents, Networks Group

IR.88 presents material about LTE Roaming. It addresses aspects which are new and incremental to LTE and recognises that much of the data-roaming infrastructure is reused from GPRS and High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) Roaming. Download

IR.33 GPRS Roaming Guidelines v8.0

May 20, 2015

All Documents, Networks Group

IR.33 provides a standardised view on how GPRS (General packet radio service) networks can interwork  to provide GPRS roaming capabilities when users roam onto foreign/visited networks. Download

NG.102 IMS Profile for Converged IP Communications v1.0

May 19, 2015

All Documents, Networks Group

This document defines a profile that identifies a minimun mandatory set of common IMS functionalities, defined in 3GPP specifications and other GSMA PRDs, that a wireless device and network are required to support, in order to guarantee interoperable, high quality …

NG.103 VoLTE – RCS Roaming and Interconnection Guidelines v1.

May 19, 2015

All Documents, Networks Group

This document defines guidelines for IMS service roaing in an Inter-Service provider enviroment, and targets existing IMS service deplyments.   Download

IR.61 Wi-Fi Roaming Guidelines v10.0

May 8, 2015

All Documents, Networks Group

IR.61 specifies a common technical solution for roaming between Wi-Fi Service Providers from an inter-Service Provider perspective. It addresses various technical aspects such as interfaces used for connection procedures, authentication and accounting as well as naming conventions and deployment considerations. …

NG.101 Profile for USSI v1.0

May 7, 2015

Networks Group

This PRD defines a profile that identifies a minimum mandatory set of features which are defined in 3GPP specifications that a wireless device (the User Equipment (UE)) and network are required to implement in order to guarantee an interoperable, high-quality …

SGP 13v1.0 – NFC UICC Test Book

May 1, 2015

All Documents, SIM Working Group

The NFC Test Book stream is part of GSMA’s NFC activities. The GSMA SGP.03 NFC UICC Requirements Specification document [1] defines a common framework of requirements for UICCs to support UICC-based NFC services. Some requirements are already certified by other …

IR.92 IMS Profile for Voice and SMS v9.0

April 8, 2015

All Documents, Networks Group

IR.92 defines a voice over IMS profile by listing number of Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network, evolved packet core, IMS core, and UE  features which are considered essential to launch interoperable IMS based voice services. Download

IR.60 Prepaid Service Roaming Test v5.0

April 4, 2015

All Documents, Networks Group

IR.60 provides End2End functional test cases for CAMEL prepaid services. The template allows the user to decide which tests scenarios deem useful for inter-operator tests. Download

TS.26 v7.0 NFC Handset Requirements

March 23, 2015

Terminal Steering Group

This document lists requirements for devices to support NFC services primarily focused on NFC services based on the UICC. It sets out a common framework of requirements, identifying and referencing relevant standards (or elements thereof), selecting options from among those …

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