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TS.11 Device Field and Lab Test Guidelines v15.0

April 27, 2016

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

TS.11 contains a set of guidelines for the tests that should be performed in the course of Field Test and Lab Tests carried out on Terminal Devices. TSG PRD TS.11 v15.0

TS.31 Standard Diagnostic Logging v2.0

April 20, 2016

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

The purpose of this document is to provide a standardized method to log modem data and messaging on a device, eliminating the need for tethered logging. The primary user of the logging tool is expected to be mobile network operators. …

TS.26 v9.0 NFC Handset Requirements

April 12, 2016

Terminal Steering Group

This document lists requirements for devices to support NFC services primarily focused on NFC services based on the UICC. It sets out a common framework of requirements, identifying and referencing relevant standards (or elements thereof), selecting options from among those …

TS.22 Recommendations for Minimum Wi-Fi ® Capabilities of Terminals v5.0

April 7, 2016

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

TS.22 consolidates the terminal requirements and existing Wi-Fi experiences from various operators and is intended to become a tool to help operators align their Wi-Fi requirements. Download

SGP.03 NFC UICC Requirements Specification v6.1

April 4, 2016

All Documents, SIM Working Group

SGP.03 lists for NFC UICC a minimum set of requirements and the specification of technical gaps identified to ensure an efficient and consistent development and deployment of NFC services. Download

IR.65 IMS Roaming and Interworking Guidelines v19.0

March 30, 2016

All Documents, Networks Group

IR.65 gives common guidelines for IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem as specified by 3GPP) inter-operator connections in order to prevent non-interoperable and/or inefficient IMS services & networks. Areas covered are IMS specific issues in roaming and interworking, addressing of users and …

TS.35 IoT Device Connection Efficiency Test Book version 3.0

March 30, 2016

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

This document outlines the test cases that would need to be passed by an IoT Device and its incorporated Communications Modules in order for it to be considered compliant with the requirements stated within the GSMA’s TS.34 IoT Device Connection …

TS.34 IoT Device Connection Efficiency Guidelines version 3.0

March 30, 2016

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

In IoT scenarios IoT Device firmware and software play a significant part in determining the overall performance and behaviour of the IoT Service on the mobile network. With no human intervention to fall back upon, the mechanisms that manage recovery …

TS.09 Battery Life Measurement and Current Consumption Technique v8.0

March 22, 2016

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

TS.09 is applicable to 3GPP system capable terminals. It defines mobile equipment (MS/UE) power consumption test methods for specific technologies, applications and services. Download Download Excel file

TS.27 v8.0 NFC Handset Test Book

March 22, 2016

Terminal Steering Group

The NFC Test Book stream is part of GSMA NFC activities. The participating GSMA TSG members have developed a set of test cases to be used for testing primarily the UICC based NFC functionality within a Mobile Device. These tests …

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