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iUICC POC Group Primary Platform requirements

May 17, 2017

All Documents, Technical Documents

In order to meet market expectations asking for deeper integration of functionalities, the GSMA has set up a PoC to perform evaluations of technical solutions, and thus to ease the migration of UICC technology within Systems on Chips (SoC). Download

IR.65 IMS Roaming and Interworking Guidelines v25.0

May 4, 2017

All Documents, Networks Group

IR.65 gives common guidelines for IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem as specified by 3GPP) inter-operator connections in order to prevent non-interoperable and/or inefficient IMS services & networks. Areas covered are IMS specific issues in roaming and interworking, addressing of users and …

SGP.14 – GSMA eUICC PKI Certificate Policy v1.1

April 27, 2017

All Documents, SIM Working Group

This document defines the policies by which the eUICC PKI will be governed by the eUICC PKI Policy Authority. Download SGP.14 v1.1

TS.11 Device Field and Lab Test Guidelines v19.0

April 11, 2017

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

TS.11 contains a set of guidelines for the tests that should be performed in the course of Field Test and Lab Tests carried out on Terminal Devices. TSG PRD TS.11 v19.0

TS.36 Device Setting Database V2.0

March 24, 2017

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

This document specifies the requirements for a database enabling the efficient transfer of settings from mobile network operators (including mobile virtual network operators) to device manufacturers in order to allow for the appropriate customization of devices. TS.36 V2.0

TS.32 Technical Adaptation of Devices through Late Customisation V2.0

March 24, 2017

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

This document provides recommendations on a framework for manufacturers and MNO’s (mobile network operators) so they can technically configure Open Market mobile devices, to ensure the device can support the customer with the services being promoted and offered by the …

IG.16 – Smarter Traffic Management

March 14, 2017

All Documents, Web Working Group

Smarter Traffic Management allows operators to manage network data that is increasingly encrypted, and being delivered via new protocols and congestion-control algorithms.         The GSMA Internet Group is interworking with IAB/IETF to improve cellular delivery of Internet content, detailing …

IR.95 SIP-SDP Inter-IMS NNI Profile v2.0

March 13, 2017

All Documents, Networks Group

This document describes a SIP/SDP profile for interconnection and roaming NNI between operators IMS networks for the purposes of exchanging traffic originating from and terminating to the respective operators’ customers. This document profiles SIP/SDP for the GSMA defined IMS based …

IG.17 – Mobile Throughput Guidance

March 8, 2017

All Documents, Web Working Group

Mobile Throughput Guidance (MTG) describes a potential means to improve customer experience during mobile Internet sessions, by making explicit what range of bandwidth the mobile access link is likely to sustain. This document recommends that GSMA operators and vendors support …

SGP.21 Architecture Specification v2.1

February 27, 2017

All Documents, SIM Working Group

This document describes the architecture and technical requirements for Remote SIM Provisioning of all device types across all consumer markets. Download

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