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TS.26 v10.0 NFC Handset Requirements

December 12, 2016

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

This document lists requirements for devices to support NFC services primarily focused on NFC services based on the UICC. It sets out a common framework of requirements, identifying and referencing relevant standards (or elements thereof), selecting options from among those …

IR.81 GRQ Measurement Implementation v7.0

December 10, 2016

All Documents, Networks Group

IR.81 provides a neutral, objective and proportionate framework for pro-active and reactive monitoring and assuring end-to-end roaming services quality, therefore achieving a global perspective on roaming quality. Download

IR.64 IMS Service Centralization and Continuity Guidelines v14.0

December 10, 2016

All Documents, Networks Group

IR.64  provides guidelines for the centralization of IMS services and IMS based service continuity for single radio devices by listing a number of Evolved Packet Core, IMS core, and User Equipment (UE) features on top of the features defined in …

WWG.13 – Cloud Browser Business Opportunities

November 29, 2016

All Documents, Web Working Group

The report presents the Cloud Browser technology that simplifies application deployment and maintenance by shifting their execution into the Cloud. Current operator’s service issues exists when deploying applications onto a fragmented device base, including Set-Top Boxes (STBs), smartphones, tablets and Connected …

TS.34 IoT Device Connection Efficiency Guidelines version 4.0

November 24, 2016

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

In IoT scenarios IoT Device firmware and software play a significant part in determining the overall performance and behaviour of the IoT Service on the mobile network. With no human intervention to fall back upon, the mechanisms that manage recovery …

IR.67 DNS and ENUM Guidelines for Service Providers and GRX and IPX Providers v14.0

November 21, 2016

All Documents, Networks Group

IR.67 provides guidelines and technical information for those who need to set up and/or maintain DNS servers for inter Service Provider services. Download

IR.88 LTE and EPC Roaming Guidelines v15.0

November 15, 2016

All Documents, Technical Documents

IR.88 presents material about LTE Roaming. It addresses aspects which are new and incremental to LTE and recognises that much of the data-roaming infrastructure is reused from GPRS and High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) Roaming. Download

NG.101 Profile for USSI v2.0

November 15, 2016

Networks Group

This PRD defines a profile that identifies a minimum mandatory set of features which are defined in 3GPP specifications that a wireless device (the User Equipment (UE)) and network are required to implement in order to guarantee an interoperable, high-quality …

TS.09 Battery Life Measurement and Current Consumption Technique v9.0

November 14, 2016

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

TS.09 is applicable to 3GPP system capable terminals. It defines mobile equipment (MS/UE) power consumption test methods for specific technologies, applications and services. Download Download Excel file

IR.33 GPRS Roaming Guidelines v9.0

November 7, 2016

All Documents, Networks Group

IR.33 provides a standardised view on how GPRS (General packet radio service) networks can interwork  to provide GPRS roaming capabilities when users roam onto foreign/visited networks. Download

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