Mobile for Development

The astonishing growth of mobile puts the industry in a unique position to enhance the lives of underserved people in emerging markets. GSMA Mobile for Development (M4D) places mobile at the centre of innovation in commercial services to help deliver sustainable solutions that have strong socio-economic impact on the lives of these communities.

M4D targets issues such as financial and digital exclusion, the lack of official identity provision, inadequate availability of healthcare, the gender gap, limited access to energy and water, low agricultural yields and the need for effective disaster response during times of crisis.

For example, M4D is helping drive financial inclusion by working to identify ways in which mobile money services can achieve scale and deliver
convenient and affordable financial services to the underserved. Similarly, by supporting the efforts of mobile operators to expand their networks in
rural areas it is helping bridge the digital divide and through its work on mobile identity solutions it is helping to close the identity gap for huge numbers of people in developing nations who currently lack official identity.

M4D is also supporting the development of smarter infrastructure in emerging markets, for example, by leveraging embedded SIM technology in water pumps, and is working with agricultural organisations and the development community on the creation of scalable and commercially sustainable agricultural mobile services. These efforts and more are detailed below:

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