Spectrum Management and Licensing

Data traffic on mobile networks is skyrocketing as consumers and businesses use smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices to access email and entertainment, mapping and messaging, browsing and banking, as well as a social networking and sharing services. As the nascent Internet of Things industry grows, it too will place significant extra demand on mobile data services.

To meet this explosion in demand, mobile operators need more spectrum. Sufficient, internationally harmonised spectrum is essential to ensuring the quality of service that consumers and businesses have come to expect, and rely on, from mobile networks.

The GSMA is very active at the national, regional and global levels to advocate for the timely identification and release of more spectrum for mobile broadband. In this regard, we work with national governments and regulators, with regional organisations and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The GSMA also serves as a clearinghouse for sector research and market data. Because spectrum management has many facets — including issues such as interference, spectrum auctions and licence processes — the GSMA contributes on behalf of mobile operators to the work of regulators with market projections, analysis, regulatory guidance and policy recommendations based on objective data and recognised best practice. Many of these reports are referenced in this handbook.

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