Innovator Profile: Caban Systems

Caban Systems: Powering Telecom’s Intelligent Solutions

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Telecom infrastructure is critical to the vitality of day-to-day regional and global communications. As the business community turns to clean sources of energy to power the world, the telecom industry is poised for a solution that can provide clean power reliably and affordably. Often, these two topics are thought of as mutually exclusive, but Bay Area-based Caban Systems has innovated to design a solution that increases uptime and reduces operating expenses for mobile network operators and tower owners in developing regions.

Caban Systems, Inc. is an energy infrastructure solutions provider, offering end-to-end solutions for some of the largest telecommunications tower companies in Latin America, North America, the Caribbean and the Middle East. Pioneering a best-in-class intelligent energy storage platform for the telecommunication infrastructure industry, Caban delivers the most flexible, highly-distributed infrastructure solutions to its customers. In the following case study, Caban Systems: How intelligent power solutions can optimise the powering of communications, Caban Systems demonstrates that they can lower operating expenses by up to 70% by replacing diesel generators with the integrated use of their purpose-built batteries, AI-enabled software and energy service solutions.

Caban Systems has differentiated their service offerings by providing an intelligent management system that comes equipped with DC Metering, a proprietary power solution that powers co-location, and Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS), energy as a paid service, simplifying operations for the operators and ensuring that customers are only charged for energy used. In addition to cost savings, the study found that installation sites powered by a Caban Systems energy storage platform benefited from less maintenance, simplified operations and a new stream of revenue as a result of reduced dependence on diesel generators.

Caban Systems energy solutions are moving the industry toward a zero-emission standard and innovating a sector that has seen little technological change in over 20 years. Caban Systems is facilitating access to clean and affordable reliable (tele) communications for all using the infrastructure of purpose-built batteries, improving the air quality for communities that have historically been affected at disproportionate levels.

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