Apple’s new iPhone iterates and expands 5G coverage

Apple held its annual device launch event in California this week – a gathering that did not release any ‘big bangs’ but rather iterated to bring new functionality and, most important, wider availability. The new iPhone 13 is the successor to the 5G-supported iPhone 12 launched last year. The main functionality gain is to offer customers a richer video shooting experience and longer battery life by seamlessly switching between LTE and 5G networks depending on coverage and the task at hand. For video in particular, this is a wider priority among smartphone device manufacturers, playing to consumer media tastes and better technology enabling it. The new iPhone is also the first device from any OEM to incorporate dual eSIM capabilities, which offers potential advantages for customers using their phone for multiple purposes such as travel or business.

The new iPhone will be available in 60 countries across 200 networks by the end of 2021. This is a considerably larger scale than the iPhone 12 last year, reflecting the expansion in 5G networks and importance of the iPhone in consumer marketing efforts to upgrade – something that should be helped by improved sentiment indicators as the worst of the pandemic recedes.

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