Operators continue to address the private 5G opportunity

Telefónica Tech has partnered with Microsoft to offer private 5G and on-premise edge computing to address the Industry 4.0 opportunity and related use cases. Meanwhile, in the US, AT&T has launched a private 5G network for healthcare, connecting researchers and patients.

Private 5G networks have long been proposed as a solution for enterprises where 4G and other technologies such as Wi-Fi fall short. However, 5G enables multiple modes of deployment, with operators no longer the default service provider. These recent announcements are further examples of operators pursuing the opportunity in the private networks space across two demanding verticals (manufacturing and healthcare) but also adding the edge-computing element. This helps analyse data faster and in a secure manner, without the need for data to leave a site.

Monetising private 5G and the wider digital transformation opportunity across verticals will require the right blend of partners, with the combination of capabilities key to creating value. Partners will include cloud providers and system integrators but also companies from verticals, with operators co-creating solutions with them to address their specific business needs.

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