Verizon Business to bring private 5G network to UK port

Verizon Business has secured its first European private 5G network contract, supplying Associated British Ports (ABP) with connectivity for the Port of Southampton – one of the UK’s busiest ports. The private network offers secure, low-latency connectivity, providing the basis for real-time analytics as well as future potential service enhancements in areas such as asset tracking and predictive maintenance. The US operator is delivering its 5G platform in partnership with Nokia.

The enhanced capabilities provided by 5G, together with customised forms of service provision through network slicing and private networks, are spurring operators to target the opportunity in promising verticals such as ports and manufacturing. This latest deal signals how competition is on a global scale; those with the right credentials can win deals outside their home markets. With the need to focus on new routes to customers and significant levels of competition, partnerships with vendors, cloud companies and systems integrators will also increasingly become the norm in this space. For an indication of the demand for such offerings, the GSMA Intelligence Enterprise in Focus Survey showed that almost a quarter of enterprises required location-specific coverage (private networks) in 2020.

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