Road to 5G: Introduction and Migration Whitepaper

Monday 23 Apr 2018 | 5G | Resources |

With the technical specifications almost completed, 5G, the latest mobile network generation offering high throughput, extreme low latency and ultra-reliable connectivity is ready to be deployed. Unlike previous mobile generations, 5G standards offer mobile networks a number of ways to gradually introduce the new radio and core network capabilities. Operators may choose a traditional approach by deploying 5G as an independent network, or a new approach of setting up 5G to be tightly integrated interwork with their existing 4G assets.


In this report, developed by GSMA members and associate members, you will learn more about:

  • The 5G deployment options available to operators and their advantages/disadvantages
  • How mobile operators can migrate towards a full 5G network
  • A case study on how KT is planning to introduce 5G


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