5G Mobility Makerspace Challenge

Within the mobility industry, there is a pressing demand for novel solutions, regulations, and guidelines pertaining to seamless satellite and terrestrial connectivity in the cars of the future. Recognising this need, the European Space Agency (ESA) has collaboratively engaged with various automotive stakeholders, including the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), to address and fulfil these requirements. At MWC Barcelona 2024, ESA and GSMA will unveil funding opportunities amounting up to 15 million euros, specifically earmarked for the development of seamless Terrestrial Network (TN) and Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) connectivity solutions tailored to the mobility market. 

A notable aspect of this funding challenge is the introduction of the 5G Mobility Makerspace, strategically crafted to foster the development and testing of intelligent integrated TN-NTN solutions.

What are The Key Focus Areas?

These focus areas aim to guide bidders in addressing critical aspects of the challenge and contribute to the advancement of NTN connectivity solutions and the integration with the terrestrial network connectivity for the automotive market. 

Smart Antenna Development

Design and implement innovative TN and NTN antennas with advanced features catering to the specific needs of connected vehicles. 

Validate 5G interfaces using real life equipment

Develop and demonstrate effective validation methods for 5G hybrid networks for seamless integration with mobility systems. 

Cross-Sector Applicability

Explore the adaptability of the developed NTN connectivity technologies for broader applications across various transport sectors. 

All applications & submissions should:


Cohort 2:


Ensure that you have submitted your interest by June 30th.


A GSMA and ESA representative from the selection committee will analyse all the applications received.


Time to prepare your proposal and seek approval.


Updates and presentation of final report.

Further cohorts to be announced later in 2024

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