MWC Las Vegas 2023 – GSMA Foundry Innovation Showcase

MWC Las Vegas 2023 – GSMA Foundry Innovation Showcase

Start: Tuesday 26 September 2023

End: Thursday 28 September 2023

Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center

Location: Las Vegas

Join us at the Foundry Innovation Showcase at MWC Las Vegas! We are located on the GSMA Pavilion in Industry City.

9am – 5:30pm on Tuesday, September 26 and  Wednesday, September 27  | 9am – 3pm on Thursday, September 28 | West Hall, W1, GSMA Pavilion, Industry City, Las Vegas Convention Center


Highlights include: 


5G Saves Lives

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of a busy traffic junction and experience how 5G saves the day.

This is a 5G Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology trial to reduce accidents and fatalities at intersections for university campus bike-share users. Vehicles communicate with each other and with infrastructure via a 5G network using standard and low power connectivity devices. This MWC demo focuses on the critical user experience during an incident and demonstrates the value of the technology in the pre-trial phase.


Bell Canada



Nokia Network as Code

Enable application developers to onboard powerful network capabilities to enrich the experience of their business and consumer customers.

Network as Code is Nokia’s concept of extreme simplification of network capabilities to make them part of applications. Network as Code brings a paradigm shift for value creation in our telecommunications industry behind 5G. It enables the building of a new business and technology framework, elevating the concept of distributed service chains to the mainstream in telecoms. This facilitates the inclusion of developers and the vertical technology partner ecosystem that is foundational for value creation. It brings new business value creation to 5G cloud-native adoption, openness, and the programmability momentum in today’s telecommunications domain.

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Connecting the Unconnected with Aerostats

Remote and previously unconnected areas can now be reached, thanks to the dynamic design of the World Mobile network, adapting the approach and technologies they use to the unique challenges of each region. One of these technologies is their aerostats – unpowered balloons that provide connectivity in a wide area and are tethered to the ground with a high-speed fibre connection. Mobile services can be deployed using aerostats to cover sparse populations over large areas economically and enhance coverage at sea. The potential is to reach millions of people who are not served with mobile or internet services.

World Mobile


5G Connected Drone Testing

Ericsson is performing a program of work in collaboration with GSMA to benefit the industry by undertaking a network performance monitoring and engineering (NPM&E) study associated with technical implications of commercialization of connected drones on mobile networks. The scope of work will focus on an assessment of a variety network KPIs including signal strength, downlink, uplink, interference, and video performance with tests performed at various altitudes up to 400 ft. Phase 1 provides a network baseline with phase 2 covering network adjustments. The demo provides an overview of the initiative, the solution approach, architecture, and summary of some initial findings for Phase 1.



All demos showcased must be existing or completed Foundry projects. Get in touch with us to find out if you meet the criteria: [email protected]

Find out more about these Foundry projects and meet the exhibitors at a free networking breakfast! We look forward to seeing you there.

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