Standalone 5G System Seeks to Save Lives

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ZTE, in collaboration with China Mobile, is leading the charge in revolutionizing emergency response with their innovative 5G Standalone Firefighter System. This cutting-edge solution is currently undergoing trials at three prominent fire stations in China’s Guangdong province and is slated for wider deployment in 2024.

The system is designed to be highly adaptable and can be easily mounted on emergency vehicles, particularly fire engines. This on-the-go deployment ensures temporary but robust 5G connectivity, enabling real-time coordination of emergency services. Additionally, it interfaces seamlessly with the public network and satellite communication, making it a comprehensive tool for efficient and effective disaster response.

Not only does this 5G solution enhance the safety and effectiveness of first responders, but it also offers vital support for individuals caught in hazardous situations. The 5G network’s sensing and location capabilities enable people to navigate through challenging conditions, significantly reducing the risk of becoming disoriented or lost. This, in turn, enhances the success rate of evacuations and minimizes the chances of injury.

ZTE’s groundbreaking 5G Standalone Firefighter System embodies a new era of emergency response, ensuring that life-saving information is at the fingertips of those on the front lines when it matters most.

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