Mawari Testnet

This project showcases the launch of the Mawari Network Testnet in cooperation with KDDI. The Mawari Network Testnet will prove that decentralized real-time rendering to mobile devices is possible and that a new monetization scheme for 5G is enabled by this web3 solution.

The problem? The Metaverse cannot scale until consumer-grade content can be efficiently streamed to mobile devices. There is no infrastructure today that can do this, and operators deserve to be paid for delivering content ‘the last mile’.

The solution? Mawari is actively developing the Mawari Network, a Metaverse content delivery system and Web3 public good that breaks the delivery bottleneck for Metaverse content to mobile devices. It is a distributed, revenue sharing, content delivery and rendering network powered by existing, underutilized computing and network resources, blockchain-enabled to programmatically scale and manage QoS. This will accelerate the delivery of Metaverse content to mobile devices and will create new revenue for operators. 

“Why should Operators invest in metaverse delivery infrastructure if they are to be left out of the value chain as they were in Web2?”.

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