TEC Pre-Commercial Trial – Edge Compute Service

Telco Edge Cloud (TEC) Trial – Bridge Alliance Federated Edge Hub and MobiledgeX Interconnection

Demonstrating world-first cross-region interconnection of two heterogeneous multi-access edge computing (MEC) platforms for meeting multi-market edge infrastructure needs of enterprises, developers and partners.

Bridge Alliance Federated Edge Hub (FEH)

MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud Platform

Demonstration Video

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Bridge Alliance, MobiledgeX, Singtel and Telefonica have successfully achieved an interconnection between two heterogenous multi-access edge computing (MEC) platforms as part of a GSM Association (GSMA) Foundry Telco Edge Cloud trial. The hub-to-hub interconnection between the Bridge Alliance Federated Edge Hub (FEH) and MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform could allow edge applications to be deployed across different edge platforms and regions served by each hub. Singtel’s MEC and Telefonica’s MEC are connected by FEH and MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform respectively.

Business Relevence

With the interconnection, Singtel’s customers can deploy edge applications on Telefonica’s MEC and vice versa, enabling multi-market services delivery across an extended geographical footprint, including Asia and Europe. Customers, developers, and partners can discover, and order cross-regional edge resources and deploy applications through a unified interface, ensuring a uniform application deployment experience across different networks and markets in these regions. Previously, interconnections were performed between operators on a one-on-one basis, making it difficult to scale the edge coverage.

Role of Bridge Alliance FEH and MobiledgeX

The Bridge Alliance FEH is a platform that interconnects the MEC of its member operators, allowing easy onboarding of their respective edge platforms, thus enabling them to discover and order their counterparts’ edge compute resources in markets across multiple geographies via a one-stop-shop. Bridge Alliance had previously completed a Proof of Concept for the edge cloud federation involving Singtel and SK Telecom MEC platforms in Singapore and South Korea respectively. Meanwhile, MobiledgeX’s federation capabilities enable mobile operators using its Edge-Cloud platform to interact with other operator platform instances, providing developers with larger edge reach and operator capabilities.

Scope of Interconnection


Telefonica’s user (edge application provider) was able to deploy a containerised edge application on Singtel’s MEC through the hub-to-hub interconnection and vice versa.

For Enquiries

Bridge Alliance: Pai Achuth, [email protected]
MobiledgeX: Michael Lochead, [email protected]
Singtel: Louis Lai, [email protected]
Telefonica: Cristina Santana Casillas, [email protected]