6G Terminal Vision White Paper

Monday 26 Feb 2024 |

6G Terminal Vision White Paper image

In the 5G era, we are gradually moving towards the era of Internet of Everything, and 6G is expected to bring us into the era of Intelligent Connectivity of Everything, where the physical world and the virtual world are fused. 6G is no longer just a communication technology, but a huge distributed intelligent network, which integrates communication, perception, computing and other capabilities, connects the physical, biological, and digital worlds deeply, and brings the real “Intelligent Connectivity of Everything” to people.

Based on 5G development, 6G will expand the connecting, not only connecting people to people, things to things, but further bringing “Intelligent Connectivity”, popularizing smart connectivity to everyone, every family, and every enterprise, leading a new wave of innovation.

In this vision, 6G’s core capabilities, new application scenarios, new requirements, and major changes in communication and network architecture will be explored and practiced. It marks a glorious future, a future full of intelligence and connectivity, in which 6G will propel human society into a new digital era.

In the 6G-enabled digital era, individuals will have more customized digital services to make social communication more convenient. Families will improve their quality of life through smart home systems, and industries will achieve efficiency and energy enhancement through digital intelligence. Industries will gradually exceed the traditional constraints and create new business models and opportunities through digitalization. To achieve all this and move to a higher level of digital society,

6G terminals will play a key role. The widespread application of digitalization and the development of digital strategy worldwide have created an urgent requirement for the new capabilities of 6G terminals, making 6G terminals become the engine of the digital era to meet the growing demands for digitalization, and propel human society toward a smarter and highly connected future.