Connecting Europe to its 2030 Digital Decade Targets | EIF-GSMA Roundtable discussion at MWC Barcelona 2023

Connecting Europe to its 2030 Digital Decade Targets | EIF-GSMA Roundtable discussion at MWC Barcelona 2023

Start: Sunday 26 February 2023 15:30

End: Sunday 26 February 2023 18:00

Venue: MWC Barcelona 2023

On the eve of MWC Barcelona 2023, the EIF-GSMA Roundtable will bring together MEPs, high-level representatives from the European Commission, BEREC and industry stakeholders to discuss the future of Europe’s digital connectivity in the context of the 2030 Digital Decade targets.

With digital infrastructure being the foundation that will support all four of the Digital Decade priorities, getting 5G connectivity right is critical to enable Europe’s digital and green transition and power social inclusion. In this respect, the EU set out ambitious targets for covering all European households with a gigabit connection and all populated areas with 5G by 2030.

In line with these ambitions, European telecoms operators make significant investments year-on-year in upgrading network coverage, speed and capacity. The increase in network traffic will expect to continue with the growth of new digital opportunities such as the metaverse and will demand a new level of performance from Europe’s telecommunication networks, putting even more intense pressure on connectivity infrastructure. These concerns are also acknowledged by Commissioner Breton’s intentions to launch a comprehensive reflection on the future of Europe’s digital infrastructure.

Against this background, participants will discuss the necessary initiatives to create a new policy and regulatory framework that ensures Europe delivers on its vision for the Digital Decade. This could include new ways of financing network investment, efficient market structure, spectrum policies, cost for network deployment and uneven playing-field along the Internet value chain.


15:30 | Welcome coffee
16:00 | Opening remarks
  • Pilar del Castillo MEP and EIF Chair
  • Daniel Pataki, Vice President, Policy and Regulation & Head of Europe, GSMA
  • Renate Nikolay, Deputy Director-General, DG CNECT, European Commission
  • Konstantinos Masselos, BEREC Chair for 2023 and President of the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT, Greece)
Open discussion

Moderated by Jennifer Baker, EU policy and tech reporter

The Chatham House rule will apply to the discussion