The GSMA warmly congratulates the Czech Government on assuming the Presidency of the Council of the European Union

This Presidency will play a critical role in advancing a number of initiatives that will be key to delivering the ambitious vision of the EU Digital Decade, whilst shaping the future of Europe’s digital economy, society and sovereignty.

The mobile industry welcomes the growing recognition amongst EU policymakers that, whilst extensive and sustained infrastructure investment is central to achieving these ambitions, current market structures in Europe do not always reflect the need to support such investment.

It is in the interest of all EU citizens that Europe’s bold digital leadership objectives are underpinned by world-class digital infrastructure.

For this reason, the GSMA encourages the Czech Presidency to stand firm on the principles outlined by the Council in the Digital Decade Policy Programme and Declaration of Digital Rights and Principles: that all players in the digital ecosystem shall make a “fair and proportionate contribution” for the benefit of EU citizens.

The GSMA looks forward to supporting the Presidency in progressing EU telecoms policy during the second half of 2022.

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