GSMA Response to the Ukraine Crisis

We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life in Ukraine. Our thoughts are with those most impacted by this conflict.

In moments of crisis, mobile connectivity is a lifeline. It is our link to loved ones when we need to tell them that we are safe and check that they are too. A mobile phone is the quickest way to call for help. And to help find vital information.

The global pandemic showed us how mobile and telecom services keep our economies moving forward, with access kept open to essential services such as health and education.

There is widespread concern among business leaders and our members for the people caught in this humanitarian crisis. And they want to help. Mobile network operators have come forward with mobile and digital assistance.

For example, they are providing free mobile services such as SIMs, mobile roaming, calls, and texts, as well as charitable donations. In this evolving situation, we are sharing updates from our members about their humanitarian response to the Ukraine crisis on Twitter:

The European mobile operators support to the people affected by the war in Ukraine

European telecom operators have rolled out voluntary measures to help Ukrainian refugees and expats in Europe. These include actions on free/reduced calls and SMSs in 31 countries, free/reduced outbound roaming in 29 countries and SIM cards for refugees in 21 countries.

Additional measures include: wifi hotspots at places of arrival of refugees; boosting mobile signal in border areas and a range of other humanitarian measures.

A non-comprehensive list is available at this link. It has been prepared by Cullen International and is updated to 23 March 2022.