GSMA’s comment on the Provisional political agreement on the Gigabit Infrastructure Act

“We recognise the hard work by European policymakers to reach agreement on the text of the Gigabit Infrastructure Act. Increasing the speed and reducing the costs of deploying network infrastructure in Europe has never been more crucial for the continent’s future economic success. While some aspects of the agreement unfortunately appear to no longer match the initial level of ambition set out by the EU Commission, we will continue to engage in this process, including a thorough impact assessment for Intra-EU calls. In addition, we look forward to participating in the broader process towards a new framework for digital connectivity, including the forthcoming Digital Networks Act, to ensure that operators’ ability to invest remains a key priority.”

For more information please contact:

Rita De Castro

Director of Policy, GSMA

Rita de Castro has 15 years’ experience in European public and regulatory affairs, with a strong focus on the digital and telecom sectors, and a mix of international private sector and public sector experience.

Rita worked in the European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT). She was EU Affairs Manager for Hutchison Europe (Three Group). Having also worked for a consultancy specialising in European public and regulatory affairs advising FTSE 100 clients, Rita has extensive experience in the sector.

Rita holds a Master in European Political & Administrative Studies from the College of Europe. She graduated from Lisbon Nova University. A Portuguese native, she is also fluent in English, French and Spanish.