IoT Architecture Assumptions (Informative Section)

IoT Architecture Assumptions

Generalised IoT Device Architecture 

In order to ensure a common vocabulary is used within this document an illustration of a generalised IoT Device architecture is shown in Figure 1 below.

IoT Device Host – The application specific environment containing the IoT Device e.g. vehicle, utility meter, security alarm etc.
IoT Device– The combination of both the IoT Device Application and the Communication Module.
IoT Device Application– The application software component of the IoT Device that controls the Communications Module and interacts with an IoT Service Platform via the communications module.
Communication Module– The communications component which provides wide area (2G, 3G, 4G) radio connectivity. Comprising of Communications Module Firmware, Radio Baseband Chipset and UICC
Communications Module Firmware– The functionality within the Communications Module that provides an API to the IoT Device Application and controls the Radio Baseband Chipset.
Radio Baseband Chipset– The functionality within the communications module that provides connectivity to the mobile network.
UICC – The smart card used by a mobile network to authenticate devices for connection to the mobile network and access to network services.

IoT Device requirements can be found in section 3 of this document.

IoT Device Application requirements can be found in section 4 of this document.

Communication Module (and Radio Baseband Chipset) requirements can be found in sections 5, 7, 8 and 9 of this document.

Generalised IoT Service Architecture 

IoT Service Provider – The provider of IoT services working in partnership with a network operator to provide an IoT Service to an End Customer. The provider could also be an MNO.
IoT Service – The IoT service provided by the IoT Service Provider
IoT Service Platform – The service platform, hosted by the IoT Service Provider which communicates to an IoT Device to provide an IoT Service.
Mobile Network Operator – The mobile network operator(s) connecting the IoT Device Application to the IoT Service Platform

IoT Service Provider requirements can be found in section 6 of this document.