Experts to discuss how industry can capitalise on European IoT opportunity

Being home to many leading IoT companies and several of the world’s largest economies, Europe is widely recognised as a region which is full of opportunity. According to GSMA Intelligence, Europe is already the second largest pan-regional M2M market with 65 million cellular M2M connections – a figure expected to rise to 177 million in 2020.
In the wake of an IoT-dominated CES, European media is rich with speculation about the limitless potential of a connected world. This speculation, prompted by a panoply of connected goods, also follows a glut of reports from a variety of reputable research houses, all of which assert that the IoT is set for massive growth. But despite the hype, barriers need to be overcome before the industry can capitalise on the huge IoT opportunity.
This is the purpose of the GSMA’s Connected Living workshop in Brussels on January 21. Here, leading experts from Orange, Vodafone, BEREC, AGCOM and the GSMA will discuss how the IoT community can work together to increase revenue opportunities and map how policy can be shaped to ensure that governments, businesses and consumers all profit from the IoT opportunity.
Undoubtedly, the development of a coherent and robust IoT policy for states and supranational bodies is a complex and lengthy process. But as businesses and consumers begin to demand more efficient and cost effective connected services, policymakers will have a greater incentive to ensure the Internet of Things can be scaled.
Futurist stories of self-driving cars that offer the next generation infotainment are often bereft of the legal and regulatory requirements needed for such a product to be market-ready. In reality, policymakers and regulatory officers are working hard to keep up with the rapid growth of the IoT by ensuring that the basic infrastructural needs are in place, let alone engaging with more conceptual solutions.
This workshop is a perfect opportunity to gain insight into the latest IoT strategies in Europe and to discover how to effectively collaborate and shape policy. Book your place today and lead the IoT in Europe.