Smart Cities Health

The dense population of cities stresses the provision of healthcare services and can speed up the spread of disease.  The IoT can improve the monitoring of the health of a city’s population whilst giving emergency services new tools to improve their response times to emergencies. New solutions can help reduce overcrowding in hospitals and healthcare institutions, and improve the lifestyle of people with disabilities and chronic diseases.   Furthermore, health providers and city managers are looking for ways to improve preventative measures such as cleanliness and reduce costs and enhance efficiency of an increasing healthcare burden.

You can view our list of health resources below. To find out more about how operators can assist you in the deployment of health-based IoT solutions, please contact us.


Smart Health Platform by IMEUS Healthcare


Thursday 9 Jan 2020 | 5G | Asia-Pacific | Resources | Smart Cities Health |

Hear from IMEUS how the role of Internet of Medical Things as Connected Singularity Platform can deliver safety, cost reduction and impact productivity throughout the entire health ecosystem.

Tainan: Dengue Fever


Friday 23 Sep 2016 | Smart Cities Health | Smart Cities Resources |

FarEasTone provides the city of Tainan with tools to effectively bring the Dengue Fever outbreak to an end.

mHealth UAE Case Study


Wednesday 29 Jul 2015 | Health | Resources | Smart Cities Health | Smart Cities Resources |

Mobile: A Key Enabler of Public Health Strategies in the Gulf In recent years, the number of people living with diabetes and obesity in the UAE has surged dramatically. In 2014, the International Diabetes Federation ...