BTS is now a GSMA Member

Friday 22 Apr 2022 | Member | Member Press Release |

Business Telecommunications Services – BTS, a leading Telecommunications Partner for over 20 years providing global telecom solutions, is pleased to announce that it has recently joined the prestigious GSMA Organization as one of its newest Industry Members.

The GSMA is a global member led organization representing market leading Telecom players providing a platform for the industry enabling members to work towards common goals around key industry priorities.

BTS has been a key contributor in the evolving trends in the market in addressing customer requirements with Digital Voice, Integrated Cloud Numbering capabilities as well as advanced SMS Messaging Services to enhance the customer experience.

As part of the GSMA ‘s activities involving forums, seminars and networking groups to facilitate meetings  to bring together industry leaders and policymakers to innovate ideas that will have a positive global impact, BTS plans to actively participate in the Wholesale Agreements & Solutions working group known as WAS.

Through its cutting edge technology combined with its Artificial Intelligence capabilities, BTS has positioned itself as one of the leading Digital Transformation Partners in the telecom market.

The joint venture in July 2017 between Softbank and BTS creating S & BTS, further displays the increased focus  in today’s demanding market of providing consistent and reliable solutions  throughout the world more efficiently and effectively.

BTS has its corporate headquarters in Miami, Florida with a major Operating Center for Sales and Technical advancements in Zaragoza, Spain.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article/press release are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the approved policy or position of the GSMA or its subsidiaries.