Monday 4 May 2020 | Member Press Release | Member Resources |

We continue to monitor how internet performance is holding up in the face of COVID-19 and are now making the data available as a CSV. Some of the larger stories we saw in the past week were:

  • Global download speeds over mobile and fixed broadband returned to their baseline levels.
  • Compared with the baseline week of March 2, 2020, mean download speed over fixed broadband was down 34% in Peru, 27% in Afghanistan and 25% in Moldova.
  • Lebanon’s mean download speed over fixed broadband was up 83% when compared with the baseline week, while Qatar’s was up 38%. Taiwan saw a 34% increase in mean download speed and Iraq’s was up 33%.
  • Mean download speed over mobile was down 41% in Sri Lanka when compared to the baseline week. Ethiopia saw a 32% decrease.
  • Trinidad and Tobago saw an 87% increase in mobile download speed when compared to the baseline while Iraq was up 60% and Hong Kong was up 47%.

For more detailed information and to see data for your country, read the full article on Insights.

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