The Mobile Economy
Pacific Islands


Of total connections will be on 4G by 2023. The shift to mobile broadband and 4G reflects the increasing rates of smartphone adoption.


Mobile internet users by 2025, double the number of users in 2018. Infrastructure plays a crucial role in providing connectivity in this region.


Mobile operator revenues in 2025. Growth is forecast to accelerate modestly over the coming years, with revenue growth at a CAGR of 1% out to 2025.

Mobile technology can play a pivotal role in the digital transformation of the Pacific Islands, enabling access to life-enhancing services in areas such as health and education, while proving a catalyst for innovation and economic growth, with the promise of new jobs and increased tax revenues.

Faster network speeds and more advanced devices are key to bringing populations online. At the end of 2018, mobile internet penetration in the Pacific Islands was the lowest of any region in the world, at just 18% of the population. This figure will grow over the coming years, and there is growing support for innovation across the region, with the emergence of new tech hubs and a developing ecosystem of entrepreneurs and new ventures looking to adapt emerging technologies such as blockchain to the particular challenges of the Pacific Islands.