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The problem

Poor access to safe sanitation services for remote rural communities in Egypt leading to health-related issues and contamination of water, soil, and agricultural product

The company

BENAA Foundation is a Youth-Led non-profit organization that aims at building the capacities of the youth, in order to build sustainable development projects, and create an enabling community in the MENA region.

Project description

Our project aims to improve the operation, maintenance, and usability of decentralized sanitation units implemented in remote rural areas in Egypt. The remote location of these units often makes the operation and maintenance of these units more complex. Moreover, the reuse of the treated wastewater which is nutrient-rich is not optimised as the farmers do not know the centration of nutrients in it.

Our project implements an IOT system in these decentralised treatment units in order to monitor and analyse the quality of treated wastewater and the concentration of nutrients in it. This IOT system helps the operation team to rapidly respond to problems in water quality and provides the farmers with the amount of nutrients in the water through a mobile app that will advise them to optimise fertilisers use.



Aya Tarek

BENAA CoFounde_2

Rasha Emad El-Din


Message from founders

“BENAA community is fostering social innovation for environmental sustainability. We build a sustainable future by empowering, educating and enhance the skills of youth” – Aya Tarek Helmy

Organisation size

14 staff members
+1000 community and volunteers

BENNA staff