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The problem

In recent years, Nepal faces high risk to changing climatic pattern and climate variability have had a significant impact on yields and livelihoods. This is fuelled, in particular, by an increase in climate-related hazards including floods, intense rainfall, drought, hailstorms and temperature extremes, among others. In absence of technical know-how, access to advisory and availability of input supplies in the market smallholder farmers are unable to respond to immediate and ongoing risks of climate change.

In addition, existing extension services, input supplies of climate smart tools and technologies are inefficient and are not tailored to changing climate. Nepal currently serves only 18% farmers with extension services, far lower than many countries in South Asia.

The company

Pathway Technologies provide integrated solutions in solving some of the societal benefit areas in Agriculture, Disaster, Energy, Finance and Health leveraging digital technological innovation. We emphasize on facilitating the organizations with the aid of digital technological innovation and integrating different work procedures. Our core capabilities include solutions in software development, business/knowledge process outsourcing, consultancy, and advisory services. We offer information and communication technologies to governments, international agencies, and private sector. Some of our latest achievements includes earthquake damage assessment; municipal energy planning tool; population dynamic model and watershed management planning tool. Our aim is to help reframe the development, analytical debates and enable location-based services for informed decision making.

Pathway’s flagship initiative, GeoKrishi (Geo: Location, Krishi: Agriculture) is Nepal’s first fully integrated, data-driven digital agriculture platform that helps remove financial, technical and cultural barriers in accessing and utilizing knowledge to improve farm productivity and maximize profitability.

Project description

Through GSMA support, existing GeoKrishi platform will be upgraded and increase its reach with bundled smart agricultural solutions to build resilience of smallholder farmers. Each farm registered in the GeoKrishi platform will be geotagged that enables farmers with location specific and customized recommendations for individual farm. This equips farmers with a suite of tools covering climate smart tools and technologies, farm management solutions, crop specific advisory services, market price, notifications and alerts.

Under this project GeoKrishi will build sustainable public-private-community business model by engaging closely with local government, local service provider, farmers cooperatives and build a feedback loop to continuously improve platform to enable climate smart advisory and access to quality inputs, user responsive and result driven.


Rajan Bajracharya

Message from the founder

“Agriculture is no longer just farming, it is a business. It is important to attract our youth and farming communities for catalyzing agricultural transformation through data, analytics and digital technological innovation that bridges the gap between science and practices”.

Organisation size

42 staff

Pathway GeoKrishi