The Future of Digital Utilities in Pakistan: The role of digital innovation and partnerships

The Future of Digital Utilities in Pakistan: The role of digital innovation and partnerships

Start: Wednesday 16 March 2022 14:00

End: Wednesday 16 March 2022 17:00

Venue: Zoom

Location: Pakistan

Pakistan ranks amongst the world’s most rapidly urbanising countries in the world where 76 million people live in cities compared to 43 million who live in urban areas back in 1998. While rapid urbanisation — driven mainly by a high birth rate and the migration of farm labour in search of better jobs and facilities — provides immense opportunities for boosting economic growth, lack of proper urban planning and management is posing serious challenges to the basic utilities that Pakistanis require to prosper. A recent World Bank study described Pakistan’s urbanisation as messy and hidden, which is preventing the full tapping of potential and contribution to economic development. Recognising the challenges that exist in Pakistan, the GSMA Digital Utilities programme is working directly with the National Incubation Centre for Pakistan to organise and host an online conference focusing on building relationships between public, private utility entities in ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’, ‘Clean Cooking’ and ‘Investments in Sustainable Tech in Pakistan’.

In this live online panel discussion, we will discuss:

  • Can public/private utility companies use digital technology, innovation and knowledge to improve service delivery (sanitation, clean cooking and waste-management) for low- and middle-income city clusters?
  • With mobile coverage at unprecedented levels in Pakistan and with good access to mobile phones, can digital connectivity enable effective and innovative digital solutions in utilities?
  • Given the current challenges being faced in the utility space, can public private entities craft new partnership models to innovate service delivery in the utility space?
  • Given that there exists a vast digital literacy divide in Pakistan, through the use of technology, can public/private entitles improve knowledge of the best sanitation, clean cooking and water management practices?
  • Given that there is a huge investment gap in the digital utilities start-up space in Pakistan, what are some of the ways to attract investment?
  • Are public-private operational models effective in overcoming challenges in the digital utility space in Pakistan?

Please note, this event takes place at 14:00 PST (GMT + 5).

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