Persistent Energy Ghana

Licensing Solar-as-a-Service in a New Market

Grantee Details

Name of project: Licensing Solar-as-a-Service in a New Market
Project location : Ghana
Type of grant: Market Validation
Grant awarded : February 2014
Partners : Tigo, Airtel and MTN

Persistent Energy Ghana, in partnership with Tigo, Airtel and MTN, provided pre-paid solar energy services to six villages in Ghana using a micro-grid system and solar home systems within one business. Both technologies had already been tested and were being used in Tanzania. This market validation grant tested the possibility of scaling an energy service business in a new market more quickly by applying proven, third party technologies.


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GSMA’s grant gave PEG the ability to experiment, make mistakes, and take risks. This was exactly what we needed in order to figure out the kinds of things that would make licensing for off-grid solar work effectively.’ –  Hugh Whalan, CEO, PEG

  • PEG Ghana Licensing Solar-as-a-Service in a New Market