Connected Society: Delivering digital inclusion for all

Thursday 29 Oct 2020 | Connected Society | Global | Resource |

Connected Society: Delivering digital inclusion for all image

The GSMA Connected Society Programme works with the mobile industry and key stakeholders to increase access to and adoption of mobile internet, focusing on underserved population groups in low and middle-income countries.

Mobile is driving digital inclusion and is the primary way most people access the internet across developing countries. However, despite the growing importance of connectivity, billions of people around the world are yet to be connected. The unconnected population are disproportionately poorer, less educated, rural, female and persons with disabilities.

Mobile internet plays a key role in driving digital inclusion. We support the mobile industry in reducing the barriers for people to access and use the internet, and in ensuring everyone is connected to a better future. Learn more about what we do in this two page programme overview.

Visit the Connected Society website here.

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