M4H Innovation Fund lessons and outcomes: SOLIS Bot

Wednesday 24 May 2023 | Case study | Innovation fund and grants | Middle East and North Africa | Mobile for Development | Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation | Refugee crisis | Refugees and forced migrants | Resource |

M4H Innovation Fund lessons and outcomes: SOLIS Bot image

The GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund aims to promote innovation in using mobile technology to address humanitarian challenges. The third round of the Fund focused on supporting projects, which provide solutions to challenges associated with forced displacement and complex humanitarian emergencies. It concentrated on collaborative partnerships, and solutions that demonstrate long-term sustainability and scalability beyond this grant.

This case study shares lessons and outcomes from our project with Solidarités International, a non-governmental organisation that assists populations affected by conflicts and violence, epidemics, natural or climate-related disasters and economic collapse.

Solidarités International received a GSMA grant to test and scale their SOLIS Bot, an innovative WhatsApp chatbot that provides two-way communication with refugee communities in Lebanon. It works like traditional automated voicemail services but using WhatsApp, this channel being the most convenient and used by both host and refugee communities.

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