Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund Portfolio (2017-2022)

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Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund Portfolio (2017-2022) image

Launched in 2017, the Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund, with the support of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, provides catalytic funding and technical support to innovative solutions aiming to address challenges faced during humanitarian emergencies; from sudden-onset disasters to protracted-emergencies and forced displacement.

The fund portfolio has provided more than 20 grants, totalling over GBP 6 million, to projects which are implementing across 27 countries. It includes investments which leverage the ‘simple’ but lifesaving power of an SMS text message, alongside those which design new solutions and business models with cutting edge frontier technologies.

Distributed across three individual rounds of funding, investments can be categorised into four primary groups:

  1. Resilience building
  2. Enhancing protection
  3. Improving access to essential services
  4. Investing in technology

Within this document you will find a summary of each of the investments from the fund portfolio, as they were conceptualised from their start.

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