Using Mobile Technology to Improve Remittances to the Pacific

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Using Mobile Technology to Improve Remittances to the Pacific image

International remittances play a pivotal role in improving the lives of millions of migrants and their families. Digital and mobile money remittances are an essential form of capital inflow for many Pacific Island Countries (PICs). Yet, these services are expensive, often difficult to access and do not contribute sufficiently to financial inclusion within the region.

As a result, a large proportion of the population is underserved and underbanked, making financial inclusion a policy priority in the region. Mobile money can help to achieve this goal by making it easier to access the formal financial system.

This report explores the landscape of cross-border remittances in a number of PICs. It draws on lessons from other regions to understand mobile technology’s potential in promoting accessible and affordable remittances in the Pacific region, especially for the most vulnerable and isolated communities. The report also looks at whether mobile technology can help to drive down the costs associated with remittances.

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