IG.12 Quantum Networking and Service

IG.12 Quantum Networking and Service image

Scope of the document is to address two main avenues:

  1. The seamless networking integration of quantum nodes/system with high Technology Readiness Level (TRL), e.g., QKD, QRNG, Trusted Nodes, etc in current networks (e.g, fixed and 4G/5G infrastructures);
  2. the modelling of quantum services.

Concerning the topic 1), the document is considering:

  1. management, control and orchestration (e.g., functional architectures, abstractions, interfaces layering, topology);
  2. b) physical integration (e.g., integrated photonic components for QKD, quantum channels integration with WDM channels).

High level integration requirements are derived, including: interoperability, robustness, efficiency, scalability, policy control, application-oriented, etc. A roadmap for integration is also proposed.

Regarding the topic 2) the document is considering:

  1. applicability of the “as-a-service” model for different end-to-end quantum services (e.g., for application-to-application, device-to-device, node-to-node applicability) in actual scenarios with the combination/integration of different technologies (e.g., QKD for SDN, for NFV, for MEC, for 5G Slicing, etc…);
  2. analysis of main aspects about SLA, sustainability and biz impacts.

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