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TS.30 IMEI Database Application Forms v7.0

December 6, 2017

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

TS.30 provides information which will help manufacturers with the completion and submission of the different application forms used within the GSMA IMEI database is defined and described in detail. Download

TS.26 v12.0 NFC Handset Requirements

December 4, 2017

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

This document lists requirements for devices to support NFC services primarily focused on NFC services based on the UICC. It sets out a common framework of requirements, identifying and referencing relevant standards (or elements thereof), selecting options from among those …

TS.29 – Smartphone Performance Test Case Guideline v3.0

December 4, 2017

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

This document is applicable to 3GPP system capable terminals. It defines performance test methods for the testing of Smartphones, to evaluate and improve the user experience. Download

SGP.15 M2M IOT Trust Model v1.0

November 30, 2017

All Documents, SIM Working Group, Technical Documents

This document assesses the effectiveness of the security of the business relationships between the different parties in the GSMA Remote Provisioning Architecture for Embedded UICC. Existing interfaces which are incorporated by reference into that architecture will, in general, be assumed …

TS.31 Standard Diagnostic Logging v4.0

November 29, 2017

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

The purpose of this document is to provide a standardized method to log modem data and messaging on a device, eliminating the need for tethered logging. The primary user of the logging tool is expected to be mobile network operators. …

TS.37 PRD – Requirements for Multi SIM Devices v3.0

November 7, 2017

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

This document lays out a minimum set of requirements intended to ensure multi SIM devices show consistent behaviour. The requirements relate only to device platform elements such as hardware, protocol stack and operating systems. In the context of this document, …

IR.90 RCS Interworking Guidelines v14.0

October 13, 2017

All Documents, Networks Group, Technical Documents

IR.90 illustrates the inter-operator aspects of RCS (Rich Communication Suite). Its aim is to minimize any interoperability issues when deploying RCS services for operators and the guidelines for deployment options are documented. Download

IR.81 GRQ Measurement Implementation v9.0

October 9, 2017

All Documents, Networks Group

IR.81 provides a neutral, objective and proportionate framework for pro-active and reactive monitoring and assuring end-to-end roaming services quality, therefore achieving a global perspective on roaming quality. Download

IR.61 Wi-Fi Roaming Guidelines v12.0

September 28, 2017

All Documents, Networks Group

IR.61 specifies a common technical solution for roaming between Wi-Fi Service Providers from an inter-Service Provider perspective. It addresses various technical aspects such as interfaces used for connection procedures, authentication and accounting as well as naming conventions and deployment considerations. …

TS.09 Battery Life Measurement and Current Consumption Technique v10.1

September 26, 2017

All Documents, Terminal Steering Group

TS.09 is applicable to 3GPP system capable terminals. It defines mobile equipment (MS/UE) power consumption test methods for specific technologies, applications and services. Download – TS.09 v10.1 (PDF) Download Excel file

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