GSMA Joins with ITU in “m-Powering for Mobile Broadband” Initiative to Accelerate Adoption of Mobile Broadband

Bangkok: At the ITU Connect Asia Pacific Summit, the GSMA today announced that it is collaborating with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in a new programme to encourage the development of mobile broadband in the Asia Pacific region. The new “m-Powering for Mobile Broadband” campaign will facilitate the exchange of experiences and sharing of best practices in specific policy areas with the goal of encouraging investment in mobile broadband infrastructure, instilling consumer confidence in mobile applications and supporting the long-term growth of the sector.

“Mobile is a transformative technology that has had a significant economic and social impact not only in Asia, but on a global basis,” said Irene Ng, Head of GSMA Asia. “Mobile provides access to healthcare where there are no doctors, access to education where there are no teachers and access to financial services where there are no banks. The GSMA is pleased to be working hand in hand with ITU to accelerate the widespread adoption of mobile broadband in Asia and the Pacific, and in turn, to enable new opportunities for economic growth, technological innovation and social development.”

“With approximately two billion mobile broadband subscriptions, mobile technology and services continue to be the key driver of the information society,” said Ms. Eun-Ju Kim, Director, ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. “Mobile broadband networks offer an unprecedented opportunity for people to connect to high-speed networks and benefit from a growing number of applications and services such as education, health and agriculture as a means to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals and beyond. Mobile broadband speeds continue to increase, the price of services is falling, and information and communication technologies are becoming more affordable.”

“ITU is very pleased to further strengthen its cooperation with the GSMA in order to extend the availability of mobile broadband services and realise the vision of Asia Pacific 2020: Smartly Digital,” Ms. Kim concluded.

In the m-Powering for Mobile Broadband campaign, the GSMA and ITU will jointly undertake a range of programmes and activities to encourage further investment in infrastructure that enables the provision of mobile broadband services and support the long-term growth of the sector. These activities will include capacity-building programmes, workshops and forums to share best practices and experiences, public policy dialogues and debates, as well as other forms of partnerships between the private and public sectors.  

“The collaboration announced today is focused on raising the awareness of and extending the positive socio-economic benefits of mobile and mobile broadband, particularly in developing markets in Asia and the Pacific,” commented Ms. Ng. “According to the World Bank, a 10 per cent increase in mobile broadband penetration can drive a 1.4 per cent increase in GDP for low- to middle-income countries. Working together, we can realise the full potential of mobile broadband and create a more inclusive digital society.”


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