RCC.20 Enriched Calling Technical Specification v8.0

Tuesday 20 Dec 2022 | All Documents |

RCC.20 Enriched Calling Technical Specification v8.0 image

This document describes the functional architecture and technical realisation of Enriched Calling Services.

  • The enriched calling concept focuses in evolving the current call experience in several key aspects:
  • Pre-call experience: A user can “compose” information (by including a subject, location, picture, etc.) prior to placing the call such that the other side is able to see the composed pre-call information while receiving the incoming call.
  • In-call experience: A user can share content during a call: chat, files (or group of files like presentations), location, background audio, video.
  • Post-call experience: Similar to pre-call experience, a user can “compose” additional information when a call is rejected or unanswered, for the other side to view.
  • Enriched Call Logs: A user is able to see call log with enriched information e.g. information shared during pre-call, and post-call.

All these features are to be provided in conjunction with Telco telephony services, i.e. traditional circuit switched (CS) call and Multimedia Telephony.