Under Women4Tech, the GSMA has launched a number of activities to advance the goal of reducing the gender gap in the tech industry. GSMA North America is addressing the whole path to drive more women representation in the technology industry and path for more women in board positions. Gender equality, quality education, and exposure to technology in early life are fundamental areas of focus and improvement. GSMA North America has launched three tiers of initiatives in regards to the advancement of women in technology, with focuses on women at the youth level (GSMA Tech4Girls), the career and working level through our Regional Interest Group’s (Women4Tech RIG) and the C-Suite level (Women4Tech Executives). 

Women4Tech Executives

GSMA North America recently introduced its Women4Tech Executive program through C-level networking and discussion with female executive leaders in the telecommunications and technology industry during MWC Barcelona of last year. GSMA North America will continue to led in facilitating meaningful discussions on ways females can progress to leadership positions with the goal of having more female participation in Boards. Through this initiative, GSMA North America will identity actions that can help advance this objective.

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Women4Tech Regional Interest Group

The North America Regional Interest Group (RIG) developed its Women4Tech Working Group in order to provide a forum where all member stakeholders of the North America Regional Interest Group (RIG) can openly discuss issues and provide solutions through education, mentorship, and sponsorship. This group seeks to provide real-life solutions to address the gender and overall diversity gap in the industry, and maximize value and leadership skills for working-level women and their careers.

See highlights from our first North America Women4Tech Regional Interest Group Summit here.


The GSMA North America spearheaded the launch of the GSMA Tech4Girls program in March of 2018 through its series of educational workshops for girls. Each hands-on workshop is created for young female participants to result in a sense of accomplishment, understanding of basic technology concepts and a burst of confidence. This important work will shape the workforce of tomorrow, ensuring that this new program provides the diverse skills and perspectives needed for the industry to thrive.

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