Realising 5G’s full potential: Setting policies for success

Monday 30 Mar 2020 | 2020 | 5G | Global | Research & Reports |

Realising 5G’s full potential: Setting policies for success image

The path to realising the full vision of 5G requires new thinking by industry and governments. Failure to act on 5G will hold us from unlocking more than $2 trillion of economic value by 2035.

Previous GSMA studies have highlighted the regulatory levers to accelerate next-generation infrastructure investments, i.e.: making additional affordable spectrum available; facilitating access to site locations; enabling small cell deployment; facilitating the deployment of backhaul; permitting the freedom to establish network sharing agreements; and, harmonising power density limits.

The GSMA recognises that governments around the world have taken concerted steps in most of these, and we welcome the regulatory reforms to date. Our latest report, Realising 5G’s full potential: setting policies for success, estimates the investments required to realise 5G’s full potential and sets out measures by industry and policymakers to set the conditions for success.

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