Device Registry for Operators

Stop criminals from targeting devices on your network

How to protect subscribers from device crime

Small, portable and high-value, mobile devices and the information stored in them are attractive to criminals. The damage inflicted by mobile device theft is widespread and long-lasting. For the victim, the experience can be traumatic as well as costly. In countries where theft is rife, insurance companies must charge high premiums and consumers can unwittingly buy stolen goods, while the legitimate handset market and the taxes it generates are undermined.

Through the GSMA Device Registry service more than 120 mobile operators, across more than 40 countries, share information daily on stolen devices, to block their use on mobile networks.

Are your subscribers and their devices protected?

The GSMA is working to connect as many mobile operators as possible to the GSMA Device Registry, while engaging with business, governments and regulators around the world. We are happy to advise you on how best to contribute to and use Device Registry, sharing global best practice and expertise.

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