GSMA eSIM Discovery

The universal way of activating eSIM subscriptions

GSMA eSIM Discovery is the industry-specified and universally-recognised method for remote eSIM provisioning. This standardised way of activating eSIM subscriptions makes life easier for customers and more cost-effective for operators and the ecosystem.

When eSIM devices are first switched on, they need to find the subscriber’s chosen operator to activate cellular connectivity. GSMA eSIM Discovery makes this process as fast and as seamless as possible. Therefore, requiring the least effort from the end-user. Significantly, this is a digital method for profile activation, which the industry has specified itself. Moreover, it’s a globally available cloud-based platform.

So, here is how it works. Firstly, using its eUICC Identifier (EID), it matches the eSIM with the owner’s purchased network operator profile. Then, the eSIM device seamlessly acquires the eSIM profile from the correct operator.

Both consumer and consumer IoT can benefit from this Discovery (DS) method.

GSMA eSIM Discovery is an integral part of GSMA Remote SIM Technical Specification and Architecture, SGP.21 eSIM Architecture Specification, and SGP.22 eSIM Technical Specification.

GSMA eSIM Discovery ecosystem

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