eSA Certified Products

Here is where you can see the eUICC products, per company, that have passed the GSMA eSA Scheme certification, and obtained a GSMA eSA certificate to the level of EAL4, augmented with AVA_VAN.5 and ALC_DVS.2.

 Certificate ID Issue date Product Name (TOE name) Product Vendor  Evaluator  Protection Profile Compliance  Certificate document
GSMA-CB-SM-22M2M00002-01 27-05-22 ST4SIM-201 v1.0.8 STMicroelectronics S.r.l. SGS Brightsight SGP.05 eSIM Protection Profile (BSI-PP-0089)
GSMA-CB-TS-22-RSP00015-01 27-01-23 iSIM v4.0 Thales DIS France SAS Riscure B.V. Embedded UICC for Consumer Devices Protection Profile

You can verify this information within the TrustCB webpage HERE