GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service

Fraud intelligence is only effective when it’s fast.

Network fraud costs operators 1-2% of their revenue, on average. Historically, it has been difficult to prevent, because it requires fraud intelligence to be exchanged fast. After all, its value deteriorates within 48 hours. In addition, managing fraud can take a lot of time and resources.

The GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service changes all this. Making it quick and easy to minimise roaming and interconnect fraud. Firstly, the intelligence is updated in real time. What’s more, the platform becomes your own fraud management tool. You can:

  • Generate reports by fraud type
  • Curate the data using simple filters
  • Create your own fraud labels to match your existing approach
  • Now includes SMS fraud reporting capabilities
  • Plus it’s a private community, so you can share your data in confidence

One service, two tiers

The service can be accessed through these two tiers: the Full Service or the entry level, called High Risk Numbers.

The Full Service provides an in-depth, 360-degree view of roaming and interconnect fraud intelligence. Including the high risk number data, but also the IR.21 IP addresses, MCCs/MNCs and much more. It’s available via an annual subscription.

The High Risk Numbers tier is free for GSMA operator members. It’s a significant upgrade to the existing email method of sharing fraudulent numbers. Here, the data is updated in real time.

What is the GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service?

The GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service sits with GSMA’s important global security initiative, GSMA T-ISAC. It is a global database where operators can analyse the latest fraud-related incidents quickly and easily. As well as a private community with restricted access. You can share your data in real-time and in confidence – knowing the information will only be seen by approved employees who are responsible for network fraud detection.